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I'm new, so here's my life in 200 ?'s (my way of introducing myself) ^_^

200: My middle name is:
Rea (pronounced like "bee" but with an "R"

199: I was born in:
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

198: I am really:
Hyper right now.

197: My cell phone company is:

196: My eye color is:
Blue grey

195: My shoe size is:
8 1/2

194: My ring size is:
I don't know

193: My height is:

192: I am allergic to:
Lots of things.

191: My 1st car was:
Geo Metro two door

190: My 1st job was:
Babysitter when I was 13

189: Last book you read:
In the Name of Satan by Pastor Bob Larson - it's about spiritual warfare

188: My bed is:

187: My pet:
A baby kitty

186: My best friend:

185: My favorite shampoo is:
Suave Lavender

184: AIM name:

183: Piggy Banks are:
Overrated - yet I own one.

182: In my pockets:
Just change, emptied out my pockets earlier before going to the store.

181: On my calendar:
Are numbers?

180: Marriage is:
Something I've attempted twice.

179: Sponge Bob can:
Suck me raw!

178: My mom:
Is amazing!

177: The last three cd's I bought were:
Aaron Shust, and. . I honestly can't remember. I download my music.

176: Last YouTube video watched:
Something my friend from HS put up, it was really funny

175: How many cousins do you have?

174: Do you have any siblings:
Three brothers

173: Are your parents divorced:

172: Are you taller than your mom?
No, she is taller than me

171: Do you play an instrument?
Not well

170: What did you do yesterday:
Slept then worked

I Believe In:
169: Love at first sight:
No, I seriously think you need to walk by again so we can discuss it. ;)

168: Luck:

167: Fate:

166: Yourself:
For the most part, yes.

165: Aliens:

164: Heaven:
Of course

163: Hell:
I am well aware of its existence.

162: God:
Oh, yes!

161: Horoscopes:

160: Soul mates:

159: Ghosts:

158: Gay Marriage:
That is solely and entirely between them and God, and not my place to judge.

157: War:

156: Orbs:

155: Magic:

Which is Better
154: Hugs or Kisses:
Both, but only with the right person.

153: Drunk or High:

152: Phone or Online:
Depends on my mood.

151: Red heads or Black haired:
Black hair

150: Blondes or Brunettes:

149: Hot or cold:
Depends on what it is. Beverages, cold on a hot day, hot on a cold day. Me? Room temperature.

148: Summer or winter:
Late summer/early fall.

147: Autumn or Spring:

146: Chocolate or vanilla:
Chocolate candy, vanilla ice cream.

145: Night or Day:

144: Oranges or Apples:

143: Curly or Straight hair:

142: McDonalds or Burger King:
Burger King

141: White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate:
Milk chocolate

140: Mac or PC:

139: Flip flops or high heals:
Flip flops

138: Ugly and rich OR Sexy and poor:
Sexy and poor

137: Coke or Pepsi:

136: Hillary or Obama:

135: Burried or cremated:
Uh. . . .

134: Singing or Dancing:

133: Coach or Chanel:

132: Kat McPhee or Taylor Hicks:

131: Small town or Big city:
Small town!

130: Wal-Mart or Target:

129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler:
Adam Sandler.

128: Manicure or Pedicure:
Manicure (feet are too ticklish)

127: East Coast or West Coast:
Doesn't matter to me.

126: Your Birthday or Christmas:
My birthday - I despise Christmas.

125: Chocolate or Flowers:

124: Disney or Six Flags:

123: Yankees or Red Sox:

Here's What I Think About
122: War:
It's something that gives politicians an extra excuse to play with their big toys and to hell with hurting others. .. .

121: George Bush:
Fuckin' wanker! That's right, I went there.

120: Gay Marriage:
Once again, that is not for me to judge, that is solely and entirely between them and God.

119: The presidential election:
Too much opportunity for mudslinging! Fuckers.

118: Abortion:
I do not believe in it. I believe a woman's decision is between her and God and her own conscience, but I happen to choose life. I do not force my belief upon anyone.

117: MySpace:
I keep in touch with some of my family that way.

116: Reality TV:
Depends on the show.

115: Parents:
My parents are amazing.

114: Back stabbers:
Can burn in hell on a rusted stake head first, dipped in salt, vinegar, and battery acid on the crotch..

113: Ebay:

112: Sex:

111: Work:
I love my job, so you're going to get a biased opinion from me. ^_^

110: My Neighbors:
I don't know 'em.

109: Gas Prices:

108: Designer Clothes:
Are too expensive for cheaply manufactured crap.

107: College:
Is a necessity not a privilege

106: Sports:

105: My family:
I would be lost without them!

104: The future:
I am very optimistic about it.

Last time I
103: Hugged someone:
Uhm . . . . The other night when I saw Doresta

102: Last time you ate:
Right now

101: Saw someone I haven't seen in awhile:

100: Cried in front of someone:
Been a long while for that.

99: Went to a movie theater:
Been a long while for that, too.

98: Took a vacation:
Last month.

97: Swam in a pool:

96: Changed a diaper:
Oh, gosh. . .I am going to have to say quite a long time.

95: Got my nails done:
Dude. Not since. . . . . 'bout 5 years ago?

94: Went to a wedding:
Not counting mine? 15 years ago.

93: Broke a bone:
Ten years ago

92: Got a peircing:
Ten years ago

91: Broke the law:
A long while ago

90: Texted:

89: Who makes you laugh the most:
My friends

88: Something I will really miss when I leave home is:
I have already left home and I miss my parents!

87: The last movie I saw:
I think it was "Prom Night."

86: The thing that I'm looking forward to the most:
Getting this move overwith and getting done with AAQHA

85: The thing im not looking forward to:
Work tomorrow night's gonna be a bitch

84: People call me:
Lots of different things.

83: The most difficult thing to do is:
Say good-bye.

82: I have gotten a speeding ticket:

81: My zodiac sign is:

80: The first person i talked to today was:

79: First time you had a crush:
~raises an eyebrow~ Uhm . . . I think I was 11.

78: The one person who i can't hide things from:

77: Last time someone said something you were thinking:

76: Right now I am talking to:
No one

75: What are you going to do when you grow up:
Who the hell said I was going to grow up?!

74: I have/will get a job:
I have a job as a parking minion.

73: Tomorrow:
Is Thursday.

72: Today:
Is Wednesday.

71: Next Summer:
Is going to be very interesting.

70: Next Weekend:
Is going to kick ass, since it's the LAST EFFING W/E OF AAQHA!

69: I have these pets:
There are 3 adult kitties, a doggie, and 4 newborn baby kitties here. ^_^

68: The worst sound in the world:
A baby crying

67: The person that makes me cry the most is:
No comment.

66: People that make you happy:
My family and friends

65: Last time I cried:
Not sure.

64: My friends are:
The best.

63: My computer is:
Slow as fuck, licks windows on the short bus while wearing a helmet, but hey, it's friggin' special!

62: My School:
Don't have one.

61: My Car:
Don't have one of those, either.

60: I lose all respect for people who:

59: The movie I cried at was:
"PS I Love You" - don't you DARE say anything, either. . . .

58: Your hair color is:

57: TV shows you watch:

56: Favorite web site:
This one

55: Your dream vacation:
Not sure I have one.

54: The worst pain I was ever in was:
Physically - childbirth without an epidural
Emotionally - When my kids died

53: How do you like your steak cooked:
I don't like steak.

52: My room is:
Gonna be sweet! Can't wait to get to the new place!

51: My favorite celebrity is:
Peter Steele

50: Where would you like to be:
In Rich's arms ^_^

49: Do you want children:
I have children.

48: Ever been in love:
I am, currently.

47: Whos your best friend:
Randal, Tink, D.D., April, Lea

46: More guy friends or girl friends:

45: One thing that makes you feel great is:

44: One person that you wish you could see right now:

43: Do you have a 5 year plan:
A what?

42: Have you made a list of things to do before you die:

41: Have you pre-named your children:

40: Last person I got mad at:
I don't remember. Guess it's been awhile since anyone's pissed me off. That's good. ^_^

39: I would like to move to:

38: I wish I was a professional:
Journalist/Forensic Psychologist/Religious Historian

My Favorites
37: Candy:
M&M Peanut

36: Vehicle:
Dodge Ram

35: President:
Roosevelt (the one that served 4 terms in office)

34: State visited:

33: Cell Phone Provider:

32: Athlete:
Michael Jordan

31: Actor:
Adam Sandler

30: Actress:
Angie Everhart

29: Singer:
Peter Steele

28: Band:
Type O Negative

27: Clothing Store:
Don't have one

26: Grocery Store:
Don't have one

25: TV show:
Ghost Hunters and House

24: Movie:
PS I Love You

23: Website:
This one

22: Animal:
Komodo Dragon

21: Theme Park:
Don't do those

20: Holiday:
Halloween - it's the only day in the year I feel normal . ..

19: Sport to watch:

18: Sport to play:

17: Magazine:

16: Book:
The Time of Feasting by Mick Farren

15: Day of the week:

14: Beach:
Not sure

13: Concert Attended:
I've only been to two concert events and had a blast at both.

12: Thing to cook:
Pepperoni Roll

11: Food:

10: Restaurant:
China Garden

9: Radio Station:
OC Radio

8: Yankee Candle scent:

7: Perfum:
Heaven Scent

6: Flower:
Black roses

5: Color:

4: Talk Show host:

3: Comedian:
Dane Cook

2: Dog Breed:

1: Are you ready for this survey to be over?
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