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Here's a silly questionaire about me!

>A- Are you 21 or older?
I am.

B- Beer of choice?
Rolling Rock or Bud Light.

C- Do you like Champagne?
Not really.

D- Do you Drive Drunk?
I did once. I will NEVER do that AGAIN.

E- Ever do a flaming shot?

F- Do you own a flask?

G- Got caught drinking underage?

H- Ever get a Hangover?
Once. Three years ago. God, what a miserable experience! One I hope NEVER to repeat!

I- Is 21 too young for a drinking age?
No, I think 17 is, though.

J- Jager Bombs are:
Not bad if you're not too drunk to really appreciate them!

K- Ever kiss someone while drunk?
Yes, many times (typically the guy I was with)

L- Last alcoholic beverage?
I think it was a shot of Bacardi Select.

M- Ever drink with your Mom?

N- Drinking advise...Never:
Drink on an empty stomach, never trust a Southern man to make your drink ;), and NEVER, EVER, mix your alcohol (dark with light)

O- Open beer bottles on your own?

P- Ever puke after drinking?
Once (see reference to Hangover)

Q- Is AA for Quitters?
AA is for people who are smart enough to stop while they're still alive!

R- Know someone who when to Rehab?
Yes, I do.

S- What is your favorite shot?
Buttery Nipple

T- Take anything to get you drunk quicker?
Doesn't take me much to get drunk in the first place!

U- Did you drink underage?

V- What is your vodka of choice?

W- Red or White Wine?
Neither - unless I can say Boone's Farm Wine, and if I can, then Sangria.

X- Do you drunk dial your X?
I almost did once.

Y- Year you turned 21?
1996 (the first time. I am 21 again for the 12th year in a row!)

Z- Does drinking make you a Zombie?
No, but it makes me very happy and then sleepy.
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